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About us

I’m Caroline Meek, Publisher and Author of the Chloe, Ben and You books. I work with nurseries, preschools, hospitals, hairdressers and housing developers – anywhere a child in Early Years or KS1 would experience a “ first” – to create bespoke story books to acclimatise children to their new setting, through the fun and reassuring friendship of Chloe and Ben.


Before they have even stepped foot in the new environment, they have seen the rooms, joined Chloe and Ben in the activities they will soon get to take part in, and will recognise everything from the uniforms to the daily routine of your setting.

Chloe and Ben have helped children to understand and feel comfortable and excited about big changes to their lives. They give parents and carers a way to talk with their child about the upcoming change,
and – once the big day arrives – their experiences and feelings, and

to continue the journey together.


For our clients themselves, it’s an opportunity to talk about their brand and values in a way that is child-friendly. All making sure we smooth the transition for everyone involved.

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